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This is arvato!

The following facts and figures provide a brief overview of arvato:

arvato is an international outsourcing service provider. Every day, over 70,000 arvato employees in more than 40 countries are at work helping our customers achieve success in the market. We design and implement solutions for a wide variety of business processes throughout integrated service chains.

Our services include everything from the preparation and distribution of printed materials and digital storage media to data management, customer care, CRM services, supply chain management, digital distribution, financial services, professional and individualized IT services and the direct marketing of media. arvato is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA.

  • Business volume: €4.847 billion*
  • Operating EBIT: €394 million*
  • Employees worldwide: >117,249*
  • A leading SCM and CRM service provider
  • Serving 150 million consumers in 30 languages
  • 200 million calls per year
  • Service provider for 200 publishing companies
  • Shipping >600,000 books per day
  • Innovative financial service provider: 68 million credit checks per year and over €3.2 billion in outstanding debts processed
  • More than 100,000 hours of digitization capacity per year
  • Replication of more than 600 million CDs and DVDs per year
  • More than 80 million documents processed per year
  • More than two billion mailings per year
  • More than 650 million shipments per year

arvato at glance

Our concise overview of arvato's key figures and the five bertelsmann divisions.

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2015 Annual Report

As one of the five divisions of bertelsmann AG, arvato does not issue a seperate annual report, but is included in the consolidated statement.

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