Our solutions mean added value for you

We are an outsourcing service provider like no other − because we design and implement efficient, integrated service solutions that pave the way to great success for our customers, who come from many different countries and industries. Our USP: highly motivated and well qualified employees. Our foundation: a sustainable strategy.

As different as our business units are, all of them are bound together by a common history, a shared perspective and a consistent strategy.

arvato’s corporate strategy is made up of three pillars:

A focus on integrated service chains

Our customers have access to comprehensive solutions from a single source, which produces crucial added value: seamless, fully integrated process solutions.

A three-dimensional growth strategy

arvato grows in three ways: through new services, new customers and the expansion of our business activities all over the world.

arvato’s DNA

We refer to the things that connect us as arvato’s DNA. This is a concise and tangible term for our corporate culture. Our DNA is made up of four genes: innovation, a customer focus, performance and people.